As a prospective franchisee, training is an important element for you to consider before making your decision to invest. Training and support are the backbones of the franchising business, and the key to your success at running your new business. The beauty of owning a franchise is the fact the franchisor knows how the system works. They’ve tested it and refined it, and you get to benefit from that valuable knowledge as a new operator through their initial and ongoing training and support.

Training and support should cover product and service information, operations details, marketing, and accounting procedures. Basically, the franchisor should go over everything necessary to operate your franchise. Initial training will begin early on after you’ve signed your franchise agreement. You can expect this training to be pretty intense, covering a lot of information over a few days. After that, franchisors typically conduct onsite training and then some sort of ongoing training and support.

Often new franchisee initial training takes place at the franchisor’s headquarters or other designated training facility. You should learn the specifics of how the system works and how you can work most efficiently and successfully within it. Use this opportunity to take lots of notes that you can refer back to and ask plenty of questions. Training will most likely follow these three steps:

Step One

Initial training of new franchisees usually begins with a thorough review of the operations manual. This is a very important tool for new franchisees because it clearly lays out the operations standards you will need to follow. It will be one of the critical blueprints for your success. Here’s some of what you’ll likely be discussing:

  • Specifics about the products and services you will be offering
  • Assistance with financing, site selection, and real estate
  • Help with building design, leases, and permits
  • How to hire and manage employees
  • Marketing and co-op advertising initiatives
  • Computer and accounting systems
  • Inventory, equipment, and supplies procurement

Step Two

After you’ve completed the initial training, most franchisors schedule onsite training at your new location. This is an opportunity for you to ask more questions now that your further along in the process and have had an opportunity to work more in the business as you’re preparing for your grand opening. Most franchisees love the onsite visit because it’s a great opportunity to work one-on-one to get all of your questions answered and learn from your trainer’s experience before you even officially start your new business.

Step Three

After your grand opening the training and support shouldn’t stop. That’s the beauty of owning a franchise! Your franchisor should offer ongoing training and support through additional onsite visits, webinars, conference calls, franchisee newsletter, etc. Make sure you take advantage of these opportunities and resources.

In our next blog we will discuss the specific areas of training and support that potential franchisees should know about before investing in a franchise.