A 2018 study by Deloitte looked into the retail industry’s current market conditions. Those who may have believed retail is dead were proven wrong. Deloitte found that consumers want the experience of physically visiting a store, but they also want the store to have an online presence for the greatest ease of doing business. The study also reported that consumers increasingly want product personalization.

As unemployment numbers continue to inch down, consumer spending rises, delivering good news for retailers. Consumer spending is increasing, with shoppers seeking out familiar and differentiated shopping experiences as part of their shopping journey.

“A big advantage we have at Presents of Mine is that we can produce and deliver personalized, high-quality products in our shops the same day our customers order them,” shared Presents of Mine co-founder David Deutsch. This enables Presents of Mine stores to deliver the instant gratification that consumers increasingly want, bypassing the wait time and added shipping expenses of shopping online.

And that in-person experience is something that can’t be beat at Presents of Mine. The shops are chock full of product examples, serving as design inspiration. “When our customers are in one of our stores, they can try items on, feel the fabric, see the color choices, see our product samples – there’s an inherent value to that,” concluded Deutsch.

Product uniqueness, engaging experiences, and the convenience of selecting in-store versus online ordering are driving consumer choices, according to the study. Today’s consumers are smarter. Retailers must respond in kind with smart solutions that connect their brand to their consumers using all of the different online and in-store channels available. The online presence should help make consumers want to visit a brand’s physical store. Presents of Mine delivers on all of these consumer expectations beautifully.