franchisee territories

Franchisee Exclusive Territories

We are looking for individuals to be franchisees who are interested in either opening and running one store or franchisees who are are looking to build and grow their franchise to multiple stores. As a result, our franchisee fee is very low at only $35,000 and we offer the ability for franchises to buy the rights to additional exclusive territories with a relaxed development timetable.

POM works with the franchisee to designate an area within a three to seven mile radius (or greater) of the approved site of the store as the franchisee’s protected territory.  The exact radius will be determined based on which of these type of locations and also the demographic and population density of the chosen franchisee territory.

Because of the complexity of our online ordering due to personalization, we have one common website for online purchases for all of the franchises. Each franchise receives all internet sales where they are the closest franchise to the customer. The franchises have the right to also develop their own websites so long as they do not proactively target customers outside of their franchise territory.