Building On Our Success

David and Kim Deutsch, Founders of Presents of Mine, Built the $175 Million ExecuTrain Franchise System.

Here’s How They Did It and How They Plan to do it Again with Presents of Mine!

The Presents of Mine franchising opportunity is unique because it’s a ground floor opportunity that has over 30 years of successful franchising expertise backing it. Presents of Mine founders, David and Kim Deutsch have a long track record of producing results in the franchising vertical.

David and Kim began their careers in a joint entrepreneurial endeavor. They saw the need for computer training in the workforce, so they decided to start a company that would meet that need. That move proved to be a very good one. They built ExecuTrain into a $175 million company with 225 franchises in 26 countries with 3,000 employees training 1.2 million students each year.

After they sold ExecuTrain, they started a consulting firm called Franchising Concepts to help companies successfully franchise their business. From there they formed a partnership with FranNet called Franchise Development Partners where they did similar franchise consulting work. It’s fair to say that franchising is their passion and their expertise. And, Presents of Mine is their most recent success story.

Read How Kim and David Helped ExecuTrain Franchisees Achieve Success

Franchisee John HolmanKim and David built the successful ExecuTrain franchise from the ground up, helping hundreds of franchisees become successful along the way. We interviewed three ExecuTrain franchisees who worked directly with Kim and David. We wanted you to see firsthand what they had to say about the franchising experience with the Deutschs.

John Holman – ExecuTrain Franchise for Orange County and Los Angeles, California

Why did you decided to invest in a franchise over going into business on your own?

JH: I was in graduate school in Irvine, California, at the time. I made a decision to get out of grad school and go into business for myself. I briefly considered opening a business on my own, but decided that it would be much more efficient to join an established franchise system to avoid having to create every part of the business myself.

I also knew that the success rate of new franchised businesses is much, much higher than the success rate of independent, non-franchised startups.

After meeting the Deutschs, through a business broker, I decided to open my ExecuTrain franchise in California because that’s where I was living at the time.

My business turned out to be very successful, due in large part to the guidance and oversight provided by the Deutschs.

What were the biggest advantages of David and Kim’s management system?

JH: I expected to find significant benefits to joining a franchise system, and I did. What I didn’t expect to find was the quality of the system in terms of the quality and integrity of the people – the owners and developers of that system.

I was fortunate to join a system that was started by high-integrity people who really cared about their franchisees and who were very capable of developing a franchise system that actually helped the franchisees succeed.

The Deutschs were very good at keeping their franchisees focused on the important, moneymaking aspects of the business and minimizing or managing the distractions that are always there.

What kind of support did you receive under the Deutschs’ ownership?

Franchisee Rich KanakisJH: I received support in a number of different areas including: marketing, client management, delivery of services, quality control, employee management, leasing of office space, accounting/financial controls, personal development, and management skills. The Deutschs also encouraged franchisees to work hard but to also have fun – to maintain balance in our lives.

After owning a franchise in the franchise system created by the Deutschs and knowing them for over 20 years, I wholeheartedly recommend them and their business endeavors. They’re very smart, very dedicated, and very capable.

Rich Karakis – ExecuTrain Franchise for San Jose, California

Why did you decide to invest in a franchise over going into business on your own?

RK: Prior to purchasing my first ExecuTrain franchise, I was working at Apple Computer. I saw firsthand how companies were spending downright sinful amounts of money on PC’s while investing almost nothing on the people using them. I saw the business of providing quality computer training to companies as a very viable one, but the notion of actually getting INTO that business as somewhat daunting. Enter ExecuTrain. When I discovered them, they not only had the answers to every question that I’d had, but they also had the answers to questions I’d never even thought of but should have. I would never have been able to grow my own business as fast or as far as I did as an individual business owner than I did as an ExecuTrain franchise.

What were the biggest advantages of David and Kim’s management system?

RK: The Deutschs’ business management system was already proven in that prior to starting their franchising business, they’d been owners/operators of a computer training business themselves, so they’d already made most of the mistakes that a new business like this would make. They built on that knowledge and created a unique business system tailored specifically for the computer training business. The biggest benefit to this was that it allowed me to focus my energies on actually finding the business customers that we all need to make any business successful. I can’t minimize the importance of that. Rather than spending my time putting all of the programs and processes in place that the business would need, those pieces were already in the franchise package so I could focus most of my time on finding customers.

What kind of support did you receive under the Deutschs’ ownership?

Franchisee Mike ChunaRK: Support services started well before we ever opened for business, from assisting with our site selection, to training programs for all of the different employee positions, to providing all of the brand-specific products needed to build a corporate identity (i.e., signage, logos, collaterals, etc.). We were able to “hit the ground running.” After the business got going, the support continued with constantly updated and current courseware, national marketing programs, corporate training events, and the continued growth of the franchise system itself.

Mike Chuma – ExecuTrain Franchise for New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut

Why did you decided to invest in a franchise over going into business on your own?

MC: Investing in a franchise allowed me to more effectively manage my financial risk. It also allowed me the opportunity to instantly become part of a community of other business owners that shared the same dreams and goals. The process and methodology of running a business was already established. I just had to bring the drive, passion, energy, and time to successfully run the business.

What were the biggest advantages of David and Kim’s management system?

MC: Dave and Kim immediately embraced franchisees and took a genuine interest in our success. They started their business from nothing, so they could relate to the challenges and concerns that each new owner had in the start-up phase of their business. Dave and Kim wanted to see franchisees succeed. It was in their best interest as well as the systems that each franchise ran a profitable business. Their personalities complimented each other very well. Their proven track record of success became almost a plug and play for each new franchisee.

What kind of support did you receive under the Deutschs’ ownership?

MC: I received training programs, third-party leasing support that leveraged the power of the system to provide more economical means to start a business, a business model blueprint that if I followed would improve the probability of success, access to Dave and Kim to brainstorm and strategize about my business, semi-annual conferences of which the system came together to learn from each other and grow our businesses, marketing support on a national basis, sales training, train the trainer programs, guidance on how to interview new employees and design job descriptions, periodic visits to my franchise from the executive leadership team, independent franchisee board, etc. In simple terms, the structure was provided with a defined operating model, which gave franchisees the confidence that if you followed the system, you could be successful.

Building On Their Success

Kim and David are putting their wealth of experience they have garnered from years of success in the franchising industry to work to build Presents of Mine into a successful franchise system. Here’s how they plan to do that.

“Our past franchising experience helps us tremendously. Having started both the ExecuTrain franchise and Franchising Concepts consulting firm and then worked with FranNet to build Franchise Development Partners, we have a lot of knowledge we bring to the table. We are able to use what we know to build the franchise system not just thinking of situations that will come up in the next year. We are able to make decisions based on forecasts of how those moves would impact things with 10, 20, or 50 franchises. We know what to expect from start to finish and all the points along the way because we’ve done the work before, developing websites, training programs, franchise sales process, operations manuals, staffing, accounting systems, and key metrics. We also think understanding the unique nature of the relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee is critical. It is not something you can just study or read about. Experience matters.” Kim and David Deutsch

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