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Our Business Model

Store: The location of a Presents of Mine franchise is very important to the success of the business.  Our business model is based on our stores being located in ‘destination’ areas where people spend 2-5 hours shopping, eating, meeting, or hanging out with friends.

Sales: The average item in the store sells for $30-$35.  Every store will have a unique range of products, so based on what your customers buy, your average could be higher or lower.  Each franchise sets their own prices.  The sales of our initial store can be found in our FDD in item 19 as well as some other key indicators.

Key Differentiator: With our stores being located at locations with active shoppers,  product turnaround is a key component of our model.  POM’s process and model relies on our typical turnaround time being 1-2 hours and therefore shoppers enjoy more of an ‘impulse’ purchase and the shopper can continue to shop, eat, or run errands while their personalized items are being made.  Most personalized stores takes 2-3 weeks for turnaround of similar products.

Staffing: Typically there needs to be a 1:1 ratio of employees who work in the front end of the store working with customers and taking orders and the number of people who work in the back of the store making the products. The store is staffed with either the owner or a store manager (for semi-absentee ownership models or multiple store franchisees) and a pool of part time associates.

Fun and Simple Business Model: Working with customers designing and making personalized gifts is a very fun and rewarding business.  Customers love their products and as a result there is a lot of repeat business and a very loyal customer following.

Franchise Opportunities in Embroidery & Personalization

Franchisee Friendly Model: Our franchise opportunities start with a low franchise fee of only $35,000 and a low royalty of 4.5% plus a low national advertising fee of .5%, this model is designed to help franchises get to profitability faster and is very attractive for franchisees who want to open multiple stores.

Personalization Techniques


Laser Engraving