Presents of Mine Franchise Opportunities

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Next Step – Application

The next step is the franchise application. Please fill in the information as completely as possible. This form is not binding and in no way obligates you or Presents of Mine to purchase or sell a franchise. The purpose of this application is to provide Presents of Mine with the pertinent information needed to evaluate you as an applicant. We will hold the answers supplied in this application in strict confidence. The information and references provided herein will not be verified without your written and/or oral authorization.

Presents of Mine Franchise Application

Personal Information

*First Name:
*Last Name:

*Email Address:
Date of Birth:

Spouse's First Name:
Spouse's Last Name:

Spouse's Date of Birth:

Number of Children:
Children's Ages:

*Address 1:
Address 2:


*Zip / Postal Code:

*Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:

Best Time to Call:

*Geographical Area of Interest:
Highest Education:

What are your major questions and concerns about Presents of Mine Franchising?

What are your strengths and weaknesses relating to managing a business?

What attracts you to Presents of Mine Franchising?

Current Employment / Business Ownership

Current or Last Position:
Annual Salary:


Spouse's Employment:
Spouse's Position:

Spouse's Duties:
Spouse's Salary:

Business Name:
Business Ownership Experience:

Annual Revenue:

Number or Employees:

Financials: Assets

Cash on Hand:

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds:
Retirement, IRAs, 401K:

Home Value:
Second Home Value or Other Estate:

Value of Business:

Other Assets:
Total Assets:

Financials: Liabilities

Credit Card Balances:
Outstanding Balances on Mortgage:

Other Real Estate Debt:
Auto Loans:

School Loans:
Other Liabilities:

Total Liabilities:

*How did you hear about the Presents of Mine franchise opportunity?

I have or I have access to the funds needed to start a Presents of Mine franchise and will be required to complete the full application prior to signing a franchise agreement.