franchise owner support

Ongoing Training and Support

Grand Opening Assistance: For the week of opening, the franchisor will send two people, at the franchisor’s expense, to assist and transition the new franchise owner to the business.

Additional Training: As new technologies and techniques are developed, periodic training programs will be offered to keep franchisees up to date with the latest fashions, trends and ideas.

Phone/email support: In addition to the training programs, our support continues as questions develop. Through phone calls, emails, messaging, and other methods, you are not alone. Although you are in business for yourself, you are certainly not by yourself.

Conference Calls and Communications: One of the biggest benefits from being in a franchise system is that each franchise and the franchisor have shared goals to grow our businesses. Part of shared goals are shared ideas. Through conference calls and other communications, the franchisees will have opportunities to learn from each other’s successes.

Annual Conferences: Once a year, we will hold an annual conference where the franchise owner will meet face to face to further build relationships, teams, and ideas. There will be no additional fees to attend these conferences, however the franchisee is responsible for all travel expenses.