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With so many big box stores closing, it’s easy to conclude that retail is dead. But as we discussed in our last blog, nothing is further from the truth. In fact, specialty boutique stores like Presents of Mine are booming as consumers seek out personalized, high-quality merchandise.

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In the recent Forbes article “Retail Trends Taking Shape In 2018,” author Tom McGee wrote, “So far, 2018 is coinciding with what feels like an entire new era of retail and retail real estate, though brick-and-mortar remains a proven formula. Physical stores capture more than 90 percent of all retail sales.” And specialty retail boutiques like Presents of Mine are leading the way.

Presents of Mine co-founder David Deutsch credits the success of Presents of Mine shops to three primary factors: fast turnaround, quality products, and stellar customer service. “Even if you order something online today, it’s likely going to take a week or more before your product is shipped to you unless you want to pay an exorbitant fee for expedited shipping – if that option is even available,” shared Deutsch. Customers who purchase from Presents of Mine take their fully customized products home with them the same day.

Deutsch continued, “We spend anywhere from five minutes to sometimes an hour working with a customer on the design, the colors, the placement, the sizing, and many more personalized options to get the product to be exactly what the customer wants.” Any online shopper knows that colors are different on a computer screen than they are in real life and not being able to try on or feel a product can often be a real detriment. Face-to-face service is a critical component of the Presents of Mine shopping experience, which customers love. The success of brick and mortar boutique stores is as much about the growing desire for customized, high-quality products as it is about customers preferring a shopping experience to an online buying experience.

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“Quality is another area where Presents of Mine Shines,” concluded Deutsch. “On a computer screen, a $10 shirt can be made to look like a $30 shirt, leading to disappointment and hassle caused by needing to ship the merchandise back to the online store.” At Presents of Mine shops, customers see the design ideas, they feel the fabric choices, they try the items on, and they learn about the different wood types for a cutting board. They see and feel the quality. Customers just can’t do these things online.


According to The Wall Street Journal, landlords of top U.S. malls once rented the majority of their space to the biggest national retailers, many of which are no longer in business. Now malls are looking beyond big chains and toward boutique shops because those stores have the most customers. Specialty boutique shops like Presents of Mine are defying skeptics, reinventing themselves, and continuing to appeal to customer demand. With an increased focus on a shopping experience with more selection, personalization, and customer service, customers are excited to shop in store. The future looks bright for boutique shops like Presents of Mine!