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Presents of Mine History

Kim and David Deutsch spent the first 30 years of their professional lives creating and franchising various enterprises from business services to retail. In 2012, they moved fullĀ­time to the resort town of Blue Ridge, Georgia, located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to get away from the hustle of Atlanta. At first, David commuted to consult with businesses in franchising and Kim kept herself busy crafting and enjoying the arts community Blue Ridge had to offer. In the summer of 2013, their entrepreneural spirit got the best of them and they decided to open a business in downtown Blue Ridge because they wanted to be more involved in their new community. After dedicating the rest of that year to researching and finding a business that would utilize their skills, while filling a niche in the Blue Ridge market, they decided to open a retail gift store specializing in personalized items.

A Personalization Business is Born

In March of 2014, Presents of Mine was born. The embroidery business also began with vinyl and heat vinyl products but quickly expanded to sublimation and laser engraving. Presents of Mine has increased their sales by over 50%. Although Dave and Kim did not intend to franchise or expand Presents of Mine, customers began and continue to inquire about opening up a location in their town. In August 2015, Dave and Kim decided to franchise their concept and began to develop the franchise program. Ideally, they are looking for a small group of hardworking, passionate, entrepreneurial folks to open Presents of Mine stores in a few select, targeted locations.